Getting the ball rolling

So. This is my new blog. It’s looking pretty empty at the moment but I hope to fill it up over the coming months and years.

I suppose I should introduce myself, right?

Me, desperately trying to look like an ecologist

I’m Phil and I’m  PhD student.

I’m currently working on a project looking at how biodiversity loss and its drivers may affect ecosystem services, which we all depend on.

I’m fascinated by the many aspects of biodiversity conservation and applied ecology but I have recently become more interested in how human domination of the globe affects not just species and ecosystems but how this might also impact upon human well-being.

Freiston shore saltmarsh restoration site in 2008

I guess this interest was sparked by some research I did for my MSc project a few years back. I was doing some work at Freiston Shore saltmarsh restoration site (pictured above) in Lincolnshire, UK on how closely the site, which was previously arable farmland, resembled the natural saltmarsh in the area. You can see some of the work of the group I worked with here.

There are a number of sites like this throughout the UK which have been restored to saltmarshes from farmland. This work is great for wading birds like redshank but also has the added benefit of reducing flood risk in the areas around them. This is a great example of a win-win situation for nature and humans.

This experience led to me becoming more interested in the subject and after working with the World Conservation Monitoring Centre  on some work looking rural dependence on ecosystem services I landed my PhD.

So that’s how I got here.

I’ll keep posting with bits of research when I have time in between everything else. I hope you find the blog entertaining and informative!


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