Announcing: Forest ecology and conservation journal club

JOurnal club image

I’ve had a great idea.

Or at least I think I have.

Time will tell whether what I’ve had is the making of a dream or a nightmare.

I want to start a forest ecology and conservation journal club. That we run online. And possibly a blog to go with it.

My vision is that it would be a friendly chat using google hangouts (inspired by Jacquelyn Gill’s blog) where we can talk about whatever papers take our fancy, once a month. The only rule is they have to be something to do with forests.

I hope there will be something for you to get your teeth into at these meetings, whether you’re into tropical trees or boreal bears. I hope we can also get something of a community going as well and help people to network with people in the same fields of research.

I’m very aware that I’m meant to be handing my thesis in by December this year (as are my supervisors), so I will need help to run this club.

If you are interested in joining in, and hopefully helping to run the club a bit, please fill in this short form. I will contact you all in the near future about this.

Here goes nothing.


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